Friday, October 19, 2007


30 Minutes Traffic Swarm - considering going Pro so I won't have to click everyday but I think it won't be a problem if I just use it for Jerky and Promote it the Free Way. Pro would be $30 Dollars a month. Maybe once my Checks get Bigger from Jerky I will go Pro. But not right now.

Then I fell asleep in the middle of my Clicking...but I did get over 100 Credits so that was good. I am awake again and deciding what I am going to do next. I decided to remove my YTB Lead Page from TrafficSwarm and keep Traffic Swarm just for Jerky Direct.

Write Ads for Craigslist for Jerky and Travel. (Focus on Utah) OH I screwed up! UGH frustration.

I think that is it for the day...till tomorrow...

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