Thursday, October 18, 2007

Marketing Re-Evaluation

Well today I decided to re-check my Marketing Plan.

My Original Focus I had laid out was

10 Jerky Sign ups
Build 1st Team
10 Travel Bookings

I am still nowhere near My Goal, which is fine because I just began Marketing but I have neglected to contact some recent Leads I have Captured on my Lead Capture page.

I am also looking into other Marketing options but think maybe I need do simpler things first. I may need to just focus less on the Jerky Sign ups and worry about Building my 1st Team and Travel Bookings.

Need more Blog Posts for my Travel Blog. Its a Great Niche and Google picks it up very well! Also more Blog Promotion once I start Posting Daily. I am also considering purchasing exclusive Cruise Leads to build my Travel Business. I really would like to be booking a lot of Travel and I know if I build a Team my RTAs would also want to be Booking Travel and Building a Team at the same time. I want to be Duplicable and I would also like to not only be Booking Travel but earning Bonuses for Building My Team.

Ad in the paper for those interested in becoming a Travel Agent.

Maybe I could do one simple thing for Jerky Direct like Craigslist or Safelists...possibly just Craigslist because I know someone who builds an Income with just a small Business like Jerky and only uses Craigslist.

Articles I would eventually like to do or do every so often...

I think this Plan may work a lot better.

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