Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tonight I am Pondering....

I had revised my Marketing Plan NUMEROUS times. I need to stick with something to my Target Market and where I will get the most Traffic, Leads, Sales etc...I think I am going to stick to one thing I know BEST and that is Newspaper Advertising. It is Cheap for one and I can target my market VERY specifically. I realize also that I need to plan out my marketing for day-to-day event, especially for what I will be doing that day. The other Marketing I was looking into was purchasing Travel Leads so I can book travel as I am in the TRAVEL MLM Business! I also want to work on my Travel Blog so I can drive Traffic and increase Travel sales that way. The last thing I wanted to maybe focus on was Article Marketing. 4 things to do for Business is not bad, not bad at all. They are all Targeted, Specific, FOCUSED ways to getting BUSINESS for my Business. MY Goal is to work from home by August 2008 and I really want to get this going quickly!

I am also reading a special eBook I got from someone in the same Business as I am and so I will be taking notes from it tonight. ITS REALLY GOOD and I am excited to implement it with my Marketing techniques.

I will unfortunately not be able to work on my Jerky Business at this time as I can only Build 1 Business at a time :( But I will be coming back to it and I am sure another Contest will be around once I am ready to get into the SWING of things :)

Well off to Take some Notes and then work on an Article and Blog Post. :)

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