Sunday, November 18, 2007

Progress and Results!

Well, I got my first Travel Booking! :D Ironically, through my warm market. Which I am not one to pursue my warm market but it happened anyway! I am very Happy about it! :) I will be making my warm market more aware that they can book Travel through me just so at least they know that I can do that.

I also purchased some Travel Leads and I have received two of them so far, we will be emailing them today and then I will be calling them Monday at work.

Still have not received any calls yet from my Ad, but Ads normally take time. The ad is to build my Team. My Goal is still to build my 1st Team.

TALLY: 2 Reps; 1 Travel Booking

GOAL: Build 1st Team (3 Reps; 6 RTAs); 10 Travel Bookings within a month.

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