Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My 30 Day Challenge

Yes I know probably went way past my 30 Day Challenge but the point of my 30 Day Challenge is to keep me Motivated...that, in which it has but my Marketing Plan is still not very well thought out. I have been doing things but just not sure with what to follow there after.

Right now my Travel Blog is still in the process of being built and to get better. I need to focus on that. Its hard.

I wrote a few articles and some are being Published. I have an Ad in the paper and I do have business cards also. I will also be purchasing some Travel Leads. But sometimes I tend to be all over the place. Which is never my intention.

Marketing I will be doing:

Cruise Blog
Classified Ads
Purchase Leads

That is all I have for now...My List will grow as I get better.

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Ginene said...

As long as you have a goal you will stay on course. I made a goal to myself to make $5000 by December. I am about $4500 shy of that. LOL. Making around $500 was better than I was making so I am happy about that.

Never give up. I know I wont.